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Please Visit Tops Crew Channels: Below! Kenshin NDL Mongoose He is officially the first character i created on this site. the child has the power to manipulate concepts, even the concept of reality, to practically infinite levels of efficiency and power. It is not revealed to many yet, but he is actually an 2nd Existential Seed, The Creator per say of the 2nd Alternate Omniverse. He knows this,subconsciously and consciously, but hasn't reveal this to ... That'sss fine, but you must know," the giant snake paused and slithered so that she was looking into Samuel's eyes. "You've been chosen to be apart of an organization, known as the 'Omnikinesis,' I chose you. Because of that you now harnesss the power of glass and as a snake, you will become a master of ambushing and trickery." The power to manipulate objects with the mind. Users can manipulate objects with their mind. ... Omnikinesis Psionic Manipulation Limitations Edit. May only be ... Omnikinesis is the ability to manipulate practically everything. It incorporates almost every kinetic ability allowing users to do everything in relation to kinetic powers. Omnikinesis itself isn’t really an ability as it can’t be learnt. It is more of a title for someone who has taken the time to learn every single kinetic power. However it still is interesting to look into this title of ... Mar 05, 2016 · Taylor's power is me clicking random page 3 times per day in story on superpower wiki, a thinker power that basically gives her a window that is invisible to everyone but her that gives her all the information on the page about her new powers because I don't think I could accurately write how she figures out all the applications , and a power to create any material she can control because I ... May 16, 2015 · Um, I'm a very flexible bunny with the power to create cartoon minions and unmake anything. Welp, I'm gonna be fighting off the Inquisition for a while it seems. Better get use to being considered a Daemon, likely of Tzeentch. Omnikinesis is a Kinetic Ability that enables one to generate and manipulate all known forms of kinetic powers. His skills include: Restoration, Resurrection, Teleportation, Parallel Existence, Omnikinesis, Creation, Indomitable Will and Shapeshifting. Though he may be powerful even he has his limits to his powers. He cannot ressurect everyone or anyone whenever he feels like it. His hair is turquoise with pale green-yellow tips. He has heterchromia. Dec 13, 2018 · No need to keep waiting for that Avengers 4 to finally drop: This Sunday’s NFL match-up between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers is basically a real-life Civil War. Omnikinesis: power to control everything; Omniarch: power to rule everything; Omnilock: power to exist outside of reality; Photographic Memory: power to automatically memorize everything by sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste; Omni-Absorption: power to absorb everything and anything; Ability Creation: power to create any ability/power one wishes Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Multiple Personalities, Unconventional and conventional Weapon Mastery (Can use "unconventional" objects from the environment to fight as main style of combat. For one, "Gather Power" has an editor's note where it said it can be used for metakinesis and omnikinesis where both say that you have to accept burn in order to use them (and gather power says it's used to reduce burn cost). Physical Powers: Powers and abilities demonstrated as superior than normal and even godlike in nature that are demonstrated physically. Resistance: The ability to withstand more punishment than normal. (Foreign Body Resistance: Immunity to all known diseases and various forms of narcotic., Enhanced Human Durability: The ability to withstand a great amount of punishment, Superhuman Durability ... Chronokinesis is an incredible power for anyone to learn whether new or experienced in kinetic abilities. It can make daily occurrences in life a lot easier to deal with and perfect. Whether it be decelerating ones perception of time to ensure there on time arrival at work, school or any other important event or increasing the perceived speed ... Omnikinesis: power to control everything Omniarch: power to rule everything Omnilock: power to exist outside of reality Photographic Memory: power to automatically memorize everything by sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste Omni-Absorption: power to absorb everything and anything Ability Creation: power to create any ability/power one wishes Omni-kinesis. For those who want to truly immerse themselves in the powers of Kinetic abilities. Whether it be Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Umbrakinesis, or any of the other hundreds of Kinetic abilities that exist. This binding is an all-encompassing tool for connecting with, and manipulating, a particular Kinetic ability. Apr 19, 2016 · I would like to post a list of Kinesis powers . Actually , any psychic ability happens by kundalini Energy . All are form of kundalini energy . Choose only one power training and practice . But don’t misuse our powers to heart anyone . List of Kinesis powers …. Aciukinesis…manipulate sharpness of objects Aerokinesis…manipulate air Powers that deal with telekinesis and telekinetic effects. Powers . Super Strength - Like I have said before, his base form is equal to 156 gods. Super Speed -His speed makes light want to go and cry. Super Durability -He can take as much as he can deal. Omnikinesis - Vuxo can literally manipulate anything. From fire to reality. Weaponry - He can fight expertly with all weapons known to men. His powers were diminished, though they gradually returned to their original levels. New Friends, New Foes, and Past Mistakes Aided by the Fantastic Four, the Surfer resisted attempts by Galactus to regain his services. Omnikinesis (Su): At 20th level, a kineticist transcends the distinction between the different elements and can bend all creation to her will. By accepting 1 point of burn (in addition to any burn requirement of the kinetic blast she chooses), she can use any blast wild talent she doesn’t know. What is Omnikinesis? Omnikinesis is a fictional psychic ability. It is a term used by sci-fi gamers who created it to mean the mental control of absolutely anything at the molecular level, in the past, present and future. 7. Archetypes and Multiclassing “Power isn’t what defines you, it never has been. This is about more than just us, more than just what we need to survive. This is about leaving something behind that others can love and cherish, something that’ll make this world a better place. You’ve lost si... While telekineticists and neurokineticists both draw on the powers of the mind, a true psychic masters these techniques, melding them in ways beyond their lesser kin. Gifted in ways thought impossible to others, a true psychic is a marvel to behold, altering both matter and minds with but a thought. Oct 18, 2017 · OMNIKINESIS (SU) 20th level As Normal ARCHETYPES The following are archetypes for the kineticist class. I am simply addressing each, rather than producing new ones (at this time). Aquakineticist: Functions as is. Blightburner: Blightburn Manipulation does stamina damage instead of nonlethal damage. Blood Kineticist: Functions as is. Daemus is the main antagonist of the Agnetia the Alien series. He is an overconfident tyrant who craves power and will stop at nothing to get it. Daemus is a large red muscular being with grey, stone like skin, a bright red beard (possibly fire or energy), red/white clothing and dark boots. Omnikinesis: Posess all kinetic abilities Almighty Ascension: User is exalted to dazzling heights of unparalleled power matched by almost no one. Ultipotence/Complete Arsenal: Have essentially infinite raw power. Fallen Physiology: Even if the user is an angel, they are just like any fallen. Kineticists are known for being masters of their elements, but the Elementalist knows the wisdom of the saying, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” At 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th level, an elementalist learns to use another element. She can choose any element, except one she has selected previously. She gains one of that element's simple blast ... Omnikinesis: power to control everything Omniarch: power to rule everything Omnilock: power to exist outside of reality Photographic Memory: power to automatically memorize everything by sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste Omni-Absorption: power to absorb everything and anything Ability Creation: power to create any ability/power one wishes Omnikinesis-Vuxo can literally manipulate anything. From fire to reality.' *sigh* weapons? 'Flare Blade-A sword made of pure fire. It can melt metal and roast your skin off. It has a second feature that can cut holes in reality to blast flames from the inferno at his foes. This sword can't be broken, but it can be extinguished by water. The hidden power of ancient music Many thousands of years before the first headset, before the first gramophone or even before the first violin, our ancestors began creating sacred masterpieces of music and dance often as symbolic incantations to almighty forces living beyond the world they could hear and see. His former body guards. Powers and Abilities. Omnikinesis,necromancing, immortality,transformation (demon form ,dragon form) Penance Stare, dark ,and light magic , hand to hand combat , swordfighting , death communication , summoning, dimension creation, world creation, disintegration/banishment (only works on those with a truely evil heart p.s not real disintegration as it sends them to the underworld or bald mountain) Aug 28, 2017 · Among the most dramatic of these is telekinesis (also called psychokinesis, or PK), the ability to move objects through mind power. Though many Americans believe in psychic ability (about 15 percent of us, according to a 2005 Baylor Religion Survey), scientific evidence for its existence remains elusive.